TickSmart™ Learning Kits

TickSmart™ Products help prevent disease by reminding people to do a daily tick check.

Schools and camps can Get TickSmart™ by using interactive Learning Kits. In 10-12 minutes, kids can learn where to look for ticks and what to look for. Once your order is submitted via the form below, we will contact you to arrange payment options. We cannot ship your Learning Kit until payment is received. All procedes help support the Get TickSmart tick-bite prevention program.

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"Do A Daily TickCheck" Learning Kit Components

  • 100 TickEncounter tick identification magnets
  • 100 "I'm TickSmart" Stickers
  • 200 temporary tick tattoos (100 nymphs & 100 adults)
  • 1 Tote w/labels
  • Poppy seed bagels w/ 6 nymph blacklegged ticks (Set of 3)
  • 6 Magnifiers
  • 2 Tyvek tick suits w/stickers
  • 2 Elastic belts
  • 2 TickEncounter “Daily Tick Check” reminder cards
  • 6 TickEncounter golf pencils
  • 1 Package of 5 post-it notes

  • Disclaimer: TickSmart™ Learning Kits, like all TickEncounter products and services, are intended to promote tick bite protection practices, and neither TERC nor The University of Rhode Island guarantees tick bite protection or tick-borne disease prevention when using this product. TickEncounter advises doing a full-body check at least once a day during active tick seasons.