Tick Testing Tick testing can be a useful aid in deciding whether or not to treat in the absence of disease symptoms.

Tick Testing
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IS MY TICK RISKY? TickSpotters helps identify the type of tick and assesses the riskiness of your TickEncounter. Submit a tick picture to TickSpotters and receive a customized reply full of best practice, next steps advice in just 1-3 days.

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IS IT INFECTED? TickEncounter now partners with UMass Laboratory of Medical Zoology and their TickReport.com to offer reliable, high quality tick testing with the lowest cost and fastest turn-around time in the industry. Learn which tests are performed for each species.

Submitting a tick to TickReport.com?

Get a comprehensive Tick Report and learn what disease causing microbes the tick may be carrying. As of May 5, 2015, typical cost per tick is $50 for all applicable tests. (Coupon code may apply).

LMZ Tick Testing LMZ Tick Testing
LMZ Tick Testing

Please note: TickReport.com performs all tick testing and provides you with your tick testing results on their website. Your test results are available at your customized URL (sent to you when you confirm your TickReport order) on TickReport.com. Once you click "Test a Tick" to leave TickEncounter.org, you’ll be redirected to TickReport.com to complete your order.

Download, print, and distribute this flyer to help people Get TickSmart™ and Stay TickSafe!

LMZ Tick Testing