Think T.I.C.K. Take ACTION!

Think TICK - Take Action Award Recipients

The TickEncounter Resource Center and NBC10 WJAR were pleased to present awards every year at the Big Tick Gala. These awards are given to individuals who have shown outstanding efforts in the fight against tick-borne disease and tick bite prevention.

Think T.I.C.K. Take ACTION Award Winners
2010 Award Recipients | 2009 Award Recipients | 2008 Award Recipients

Future Nominations

We have asked people in the community to submit nomations to recognize individuals or groups who best demonstrate an effort or commitment in raising consciousness about ticks, their associated diseases, and especially taking action to prevent tick-borne disease. It's never too early to bring such people to our attention. If you would like to get involved in our mission, or make us aware of people who are contributing, we urge you Contact us.

Read our past news story about nominations here.