Think T.I.C.K. Take ACTION!

Submit a nomination for a Think T.I.C.K. Take ACTION Award!

We are honored to invite applications for the "Think T.I.C.K. Take ACTION Awards". Awards are given annually in conjunction with Rhode Island's Tick Control Awareness Day, to recognize individuals or groups who best demonstrate an effort or commitment in raising consciousness about ticks, their associated diseases, and especially taking action to prevent tick-borne disease.

Think T.I.C.K. Take ACTION Award

We encourage applications submitted by Town Councils, Rhode Island businesses, non-profits and other entities; nominations should highlight the nominee's efforts to provide significant insight and application of resources to protect Rhode Island citizens from the impacts of diseases associated with tick bites, including Lyme disease, babesiosis and anaplasmosis. The winner or winners will be selected by a selection committee after review of nominating letters and supporting materials. Winners may include, but are not limited to: schools, teachers, businesses, individuals, camps, environmental education programs, philanthropic institutions and their representatives, and government.

Award Application


General Criteria:

Award recipients will be featured on the TickEncounter Resource Center website where their efforts will be recounted to inspire others.

Nomination letters should include :

Applications by e-mail are preferred and may be sent to: Or mail to: