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Deer in the Spotlight

Using Education And Prevention to Stop Tick-Borne Diseases

"Media coverage and conversations surrounding the Zika mosquito virus have diverted attention away from the ever-present reality of Lyme and associated tick-borne diseases (TBDs).".

An educator and IPM colleague discusses how PMPs can expand their public health protector role by increasing their focus on tick education and prevention.

Deer in the Spotlight

Deer in the Spotlight: Does Hunting Reduce Your Exposure to Lyme Disease?

"I harvested three early-season deer two years ago and each had over 200 ticks".

Abatement Specialists hunt on the more than 100 private properties served by MassDeerService, Inc. of Waltham, Massachusetts. Each female deer tick can lay more than 1500 eggs after a blood meal. "That's a lot of ticks [we hunters] remove from the forest," Drew Colby emphasized.

Walk in the woods

Walk in the Woods: How Nathan Littauer Hospital Is Helping Make It Safe

"The end result is that Nathan Littauer [Hospital] is seen as a tick literate place - a place where you can buy a candy bar and some permethrin [spray] in our gift shop".

Just a few years ago, the Adirondack region began playing host to some unwelcome visitors: bloodthirsty, disease-carrying blacklegged ticks. Also called deer ticks, they're sometimes as small as poppy seeds, and are just lying in wait along mountain trails, camp sites, fishing holes, and scenic overlooks, hoping for the arrival of their next meal.

Mothers Know Best: Making Eastern Pennsylvania a Tick-Free Zone

Bob Oley

"If I can help prevent one child from getting a tickborne disease, it is well worth all my efforts".

Attention, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania! There's a community activist in your midst but he's not organizing voter registration or trying to prevent homelessness. His is a more covert mission fighting an insidious enemy - the blacklegged tick and its potentially devastating disease cargo.

Pier Cleaners: Clothes Encounters of the Three Kinds

Clothes Encounters of the Three Kinds

Just ask Kim MacDonald. She can tell you how many customers of Pier Cleaners have had tick encounters.

"I was surprised....shocked," blurted MacDonald when asked to describe customer interest in the tick identification magnets that she and fellow Pier Cleaners staff have been offering to customers since spring. The eco-friendly dry cleaning and laundry service is located at 50 High Street, Wakefield, Rhode Island.

Push Pins: How One Town Put Itself On The TickEncounter Map

Push Pins: How One Town Put Itself On The TickEncounter Map

With self-effacing good humor, Barbara Buchan, Ed.D., calls herself "an inept gardener." Prescient might be a better adjective. Seven years ago Dr. Buchan began to notice changes in weather patterns around her Lincoln, Massachusetts, home. She quickly realized that the abundance of acorns and chipmunks in her yard probably had something to do with the deer ticks crawling up her front door.

"Occasionally [I would even find] a tick in the palm of my hand after I had turned the doorknob," Buchan remembered.