Hidden in the Leaves

What do you see in your backyard? Beyond the green lawn...flowers and shrubs...children playing...Look harder! Still, you don't see them. They're there...in the tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands. But it only takes one. One infected tick can change your life. They're there, hidden in the leaves, waiting to latch on.

Hidden in the Leaves, directed by award-winning filmmaker Mary Healey Jamiel, is the story of University of Rhode Island entomologist Thomas Mather and his team's efforts to help people see the risks for serious tick-transmitted disease lurking in an increasing number of rural, suburban and even semi-urban landscapes in the eastern United States.

This 24 minute long documentary exposes the hidden dangers that ticks represent and spotlights strategies to avoid ticks and their diseases.

Purchase Hidden in the Leaves on DVD!

Purchase Hidden in the Leaves on DVD

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Please be sure to include your return mailing address to receive your DVD. Proceeds help support tick-bite prevention programs. Please contact us if you have any questions about purchasing it on DVD.

Or if you would like to view Hidden in the Leaves for free, you can watch it either directly on TickEncounter* or YouTube**.