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New Tick Season Imminent: What's Your Tick Bite Protection Action Plan?

Date: 03.07.2011

No more camp ticks

Within a matter of days, a new tick season will start over much of the USA (and actually the north temperate zone around the world). But in the eastern and mid-western USA, it starts with ticks left over from last year.

The heavy snowpack from the winter of 2011 is finally receding in the northeastern USA. There's already been daytime temperatures in the 50's in the mid-Atlantic states. Things are starting to thaw, including left-over adult deer ticks that never found a host last fall. These are just the first of a parade of ticks that will follow in the coming months. Now is the right time to start getting your tick bite protection action plan ready.

To Do Immediately

1. Apply tick protection to pets. Determine the best product for you, speak with your veterinarian, and apply it now.

2. Treat, Re-treat, or purchase clothing (pants, socks, and shoes most effective items to treat) with permethrin tick repellent. Then remember to wear those clothes everyday when walking the dog near woods or when doing early Spring yardwork.

To Do Soon

3. Contact a reliable tick control company in your area and schedule yard perimeter spray treatments for mid May and early June.

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