Protect yourself
  • Harvey Perry I felt horrible. Tired all the time. I thought I had a virus. My temperature swings went up to 104. Harvey C. Perry II, Read his story
  • Buck Benoist He would go out in the yard and get tired from nothing. Buck Benoist, Read his story
  • Rudi Hempe My wife got home she found me feverish and dazed and took me to the hospital emergency room. Rudi Hempe, Read his story
  • Bill Thornton I can't do anything now... I have to work myself up to do it. Bill Thornton, Read his story
  • Kate Moran I just wasn't myself. That was interesting-giving myself shots. Kate Moran, Read her story
  • Brian Follett One night I realized I could not see my dinner on a plate so well. Brian Follett, Read his story

Patient Profiles: Tick Borne Disease is Preventable. DON'T Let It Happen To YOU!

Harvey Perry Buck Benoist rudi hempe Bill Thornton Kate Moran Brian Follett

Read their stories and partner with TickEncounter to spread prevention strategies to help stop tick-borne disease.

Have you or someone you know had a horrible experience with tick-borne disease?

Stand Up Against Lyme

We've launched, a new URI Almuni Affinity Chapter! Our goal is to allow URI Alumni to stand up and be counted against the spread of tick-borne disease. We strongly urge you to visit the new site and submit your story.

How many URI alums have had Lyme disease? Can we join together to help get some relief? Will our collective voices, when bundled with those of thousands of other victims, prompt political action finally leading to solutions to the tick problem? We hope you'll accept this invitation -- to STAND UP and be COUNTED -- as one who has been impacted by ticks and the diseases they carry.

Not URI Alumni? We'd still like to hear from you with any questions you may have or if you're willing to support this cause! If you're not a URI Alumni, this is a brand new initiative and we're still exploring how to best involve people not affiliated with the university.

Tell us your story at