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Wear Tick Repellent Clothing. Insect Shield Your Own Clothes!

Download the form, fill-out, and include with your clothing

Insect Shield Your Own PDF

All you have to do is download and complete this form via TERC, (2.1 MB), and then mail your clothing to Insect Shield (see address on form -- prices do not include shipping - shipping charges are reasonable and are added to the credit charge). Items cannot be treated if the Care Label reads: Dry Clean Only. Other items that may be unsuitable: Water Resistant, Line-Dry, Do Not Tumble Dry.

Items usually ship within three business days following receipt at Insect Shield processing facility in Greensboro, NC.

Confused? Our video shows how easy it is to Insect Shield Your Own Clothes:

Wearing tick repellent clothing is the best-- and easiest --way for people to prevent tick bites when they venture outdoors. Did you know you can turn your own favorite clothes into tick repellent clothes? Your comfortable gardening pants, lucky golf shorts, hiking socks, everything for the kids to take to summer camp….all professionally treated with an invisible, odorless, EPA registered, tick repellent (permethrin) that remains effective through 70 washes! Insect Shield provides a service that does just that. There is no minimum quantity and volume discounts are available. If ticks are a problem for your family, this could revolutionize your lives. Tick-bite protection as easy as getting dressed in the morning. Check it out!

Insect Shield Your Own Clothes
Disclaimer: TERC promotes tick-bite protection and tick-borne disease prevention by engaging, educating and empowering people to take action. Wearing tick repellent clothing treated with permethrin is a proven effective strategy for tick-bite protection. While there are many ways to obtain permethrin-treated tick repellent clothing, Insect Shield is the only company we know of that commercially treats an individual's clothing. TERC is providing this downloadable PDF in the spirit of empowering tick bite protection, but wants you to know that Insect Shield LLC is a TERC supporting sponsor. TERC has independently evaluated this service on several occasions and can report that it lives up to all of its claims. Neither TERC nor The University of Rhode Island guarantees tick bite protection or tick-borne disease prevention when using this service.