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WBUR: Losing to Lyme Series

"A series on why we're losing the battle against tick-borne diseases and what we can do about it"

Map: Where Lyme Disease Is Worsening In Mass.

Lyme disease is a big -- and growing -- problem in Massachusetts. Here's a county-by-county look. By Dr. David Scales, Daigo Fujiwara


"Lyme disease is a big — and growing — problem in Massachusetts. Here's how the number of cases has risen over the last 12 years:"

Science Shortfall: Why Don't We Know How Best To Fight Ticks And Lyme Disease?

Good science takes strong funding, and researchers just don't have the money to do the high-quality studies needed to answer some of the most important ecological questions even as ticks and their infections spread. By Dr. David Scales


“For a very long time, people have been looking for that silver bullet or the magic answer to make Lyme disease go away,” says Catherine Brown, the state's public health veterinarian. “We’ve known for a while now that’s just not going to happen.”

As Ticks And Lyme Disease Spread, Prevention Efforts Limited To 'Shoestring'

As ticks and the illnesses they carry continue to spread, even the most heroic efforts to educate the public are clearly not enough to stem tick-borne diseases. By Dr. David Scales


"There probably isn’t anybody in Massachusetts who doesn’t know somebody who has been affected by Lyme." state Rep. David Linsky