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Five Tick Diseases You Should Know About

Date: 7.23.2008

Just like reports on the Weather Channel showing how it might be hot in one portion of the country but cool or stormy in another, a Tick Channel might explain how risk for Lyme disease, babesiosis and anaplasmosis currently is plaguing the northeast and mid-Atlantic USA, while Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is the greatest risk for people in the southeast, and ehrlichiosis is breaking out in the Ozark Plateau.

- Thomas Mather


Lyme disease isn't the only tick-transmitted disease causing concern around the USA this summer. In a recent article published on, URI TickEncounter Resource Center's Thomas Mather helps journalist Marrecca Fiore (URI '97, Journalism) explain the regional nature of tick-transmitted diseases and what to look out for if you are bitten by a tick.

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