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WJAR Channel 10: Pre-treated clothes can repel ticks

Date: 5.19.2009

"One out of two of them are infected. Later this month and throughout the summer, the little tiny poppy seed-size nymphs will be out, and about one out of five is infected with the Lyme disease agent. So, your odds aren't very good you're not going to be bitten by an infected tick at some point in any given summer," URI tick researcher Tom Mather said.

- Thomas N. Mather, Ph.D.

Dr. Mather during Turn to 10 interview

Adult-stage blacklegged or deer ticks are out now. Their bite can pack a punch.

Watch a 2 minute interview by Health Check Reporter Barbara Morse Silva with Dr. Mather and learn about how to protect yourself from tick bites and tick transmitted diseases this month and throughout the summer.

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