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Warm Weather Is Here, And So Are The Ticks

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Anthony Brooks | Carey Goldberg | Dr. Catherine Brown | Dr. Tom Mather

"After a brutally long winter, many people are rejoicing the return of sunshine and warmth. But this season also means the return of something less pleasant: ticks and concern about Lyme disease".

Article by Carey Goldberg:
Tick Season: Scary New Stats And Five Smart Tips

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"Fine. I'm a nag. I tell you the same thing over and over for your own good. But only once a year, and now is the time: Caution. Especially if you live in the Northeast, Midwest or mid-Atlantic. Watch out for the deer ticks that carry Lyme and other diseases.

This is the worst season, when the voracious adolescent "nymphal" ticks come out in force, plotting (I may be projecting a bit here) to creep under your clothes and drink your blood and give you their germs, knowing you're unlikely to notice a dark speck the size of a poppy seed - check out the photo above - until it's too late".