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More Tickborne Diseases Other Than Lyme. Maybe Just Don't Go Outside

August 23, 2013 | By Maryn Mckenna | Wired Live Chat Daily Dose

source: Wired article: L’Olio (CC), Flickr

"I said in Monday’s post (about the CDC changing its estimate of Lyme disease diagnoses in the US, raising it 10-fold from 30,000 new cases per year to 300,000) that there has been a run of recent news about other tickborne diseases. If you are someone who loves the outdoors — or even, you know, your back garden — it’s important to pay attention to such research, because these diseases are just becoming known and thus are often not recognized by physicians. Which means, of course, that someone who has the misfortune to contract one might be misdiagnosed, might be given antibiotics that won’t work against the organism, or might even be dismissed as malingering.

Summer’s ending, kids are going back to school, and people are spending less time outside. Given all this research, maybe that’s a good thing".

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