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"Ick....Ticks!" Girl Scouts Learn How To Protect Themselves And Earn Tick Control Awareness Patch

Date: 10.05.2009

Girl Scout Patch for Tick Control Awareness

There were more than a few "eww"s and "ick"s from participating Girl Scouts of Blackstone Valley Mass. during a Fall Fun Day on September 20, 2009 but more importantly the girls learned steps to protect themselves from tick bites and disease. Over 75 Girl Scouts earned a Tick Control Awareness patch. The patch, which was launched last year as a partnership between the Girls Scouts and the TickEncounter Resource Center, provides tick-awareness information and activities for all levels of Girl Scouts. The TERC outreach team, led by Erin Rainone and Megan Dyer , were on hand at Camp Cookie along with a few URI students to lead a variety of interactive learning activities required to earn the patch. The girls, and their troop leaders, learned numerous tick-bite prevention techniques including how to identify different species of tick, how to spot ticks on their clothes and what to do if they find a tick on themselves, family or fellow troop member.

Additional information as well as the patch requirements can be obtained by emailing the TickEncounter Resource Center at

Girl Scout Patch for Tick Control Awareness Girl Scout Patch for Tick Control Awareness

Top image: Learning about daily tick checks | Bottom image: Tick identification