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The Bark magazine: Cool-weather Tick Alert

Author: Heather Kopsco | November 5, 2015

The Bark magazine: Tick Talk

Just when you thought ticks were gone, adult stage blacklegged ticks are back! Read Heather Kopsco's guest blog on The Bark:


"My dog and I both enjoy the arrival of autumn. I love the cascade of warm leaf colors, and she particularly loves rooting through the newly dropped leaves, as if there must be a treat hidden in there somewhere. We’re able to take much longer walks, no longer burdened by daytime heat spikes, scorching pavement, or the constant buzz of mosquitoes.

However, this time of year also brings another, less pleasant arrival: adult-stage blacklegged, or deer ticks. Wait a minute! Maybe you thought ticks were only a problem in the spring and summer? Well, they are active then. But blacklegged ticks are also a problem in the autumn..."

Heather Kopsco is Outreach Coordinator for the TickEncounter Resource Center at the University of Rhode Island.