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Update: Lone star ticks are not spreading Lyme disease

A new paper out in the Journal of Medical Entomology presents a 30-year review of research that concludes that lone star ticks (Amblyomma americanum) do not transmit the bacteria that cause Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi.

Good Morning America: Are seed ticks putting your family in danger? More Tickborne Diseases Other Than Lyme. Maybe Just Don't Go Outside

August 23, 2013 | By Maryn Mckenna | Wired

More Ticks In More Places

"[The CDC changed] its estimate of Lyme disease diagnoses in the US, raising it 10-fold from 30,000 new cases per year to 300,000

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URI entomologist

URI entomologist to establish test site

Date: 11.30.2011

Although winter is fast approaching, disease-carrying deer ticks are still active and abundant in southern New England, where a University of Rhode Island researcher has been collecting adult deer ticks at a rate of more than 350 per hour while walking in the woods, along parkland paths, and even on local roadsides in recent weeks.

How NOT to remove a tick

How NOT to Remove a Tick, do NOT burn them off!

Date: 11.14.2011

The most common response to our "how to remove a tick safely" video suggest to burn the tick in order to remove it. Our testing staff at TickEncounter have tried more than a dozen reportedly foolproof methods for tick removal. Learn why burning the tick is not the correct method!

Top Ten Things

Top 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Ticks These Days

Date: 09.27.2011

Once attached to people or pets, deer ticks are just hard to find! Their numbers are on the rise and they occur in more & more places – even your backyard! Read our "Top 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Ticks These Days" and stay disease-free.

URI entomologist

Another tickborne disease causing relapsing fever?

Date: 09.22.2011

Doctors in southern Rhode Island and other states in the northeastern United States occasionally report to TickEncounter that they've seen a case of non-Lyme (no bulls-eye, negative blood test), non-Anaplasma, summertime flu-like febrile illness that responds well to doxycycline therapy. Patients recover but what caused the illness?

Rare tick disease cases on rise in Rhode Island

Rare tick disease cases on rise in Rhode Island

Date: 07.26.2011

Article by: David Klepper

"More Rhode Islanders are testing positive for a little-known tick disease that is related to malaria, health specialists said yesterday."

Once Rare, Infection by Tick Bites Spreads

Once Rare, Infection by Tick Bites Spreads

Date: 06.20.2011

Written By Laurie Tarkan

"A potentially devastating infection caused by tick bites has gained a foothold in the Lower Hudson Valley and in coastal areas of the Northeast, government researchers have found."

Life cycle of Babesia microti on TERC YouTube

Tick Bite Patch

Tick Bite Patch: RI Science & Technology Advisory Council Funds Project Looking For Solution To The Tick Problem In Rhode Island, And Beyond

Date: 02.08.2011

Development of the "Tick Bite Patch", a transdermal delivery system for anti-tick vaccines, is an all-Rhode Island collaboration between three well-established laboratories at the University of Rhode Island and two early-stage Rhode Island-based biotechnology companies.

RI-STAC funds will help the team develop proof of concept and early-stage prototypes for an anti-tick vaccine and transdermal delivery system. Prior work has shown that ticks use molecules found in their saliva to manipulate host immune defenses, helping the tick to steal blood, and in the process, transmit pathogens.

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New Photo Album: Road side tick collecting

Date: 10.21.2010

Road side tick collecting

On Tuesday, we stopped on South Road on the way to URI in order to check for adult stage Deer ticks. We were able to collect about 20 ticks in 5 minutes! October is most certainly a big month for adult stage Deer ticks!

Visit our Facebook page if you'd like to see pictures of this brief endeavor.

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Martha Relies on TickEncounter Tips To Remove Ticks Safely

Date: 10.05.2010

Martha Stewart

Finding a tick on your pet, or especially on YOU, can be shocking. Most people are disgusted by ticks, and removing attached ticks can be worrisome...

The Martha Stewart Show airing October 5, 2010 had a segment about preventing flea and tick bites on your pets that featured TickEncounter's popular tick removal video.

Read More || Link to show information on Stuff You Should Know podcast about "Why Ticks Suck"

Date: 08.01.2010

Stuff You Should Know

Charles W. Bryant and Josh Clark from the Stuff You Should Know podcast released a show called "Why Ticks Suck". The podcast covers a range of topics, from tick biology, tick questing, tick removal (rumors and best practices), insect repellents, tick life cycle and feeding, how ticks transmit disease, and more.

We've put together a group of images to go along with the show so you can see some of the things they are talking about. We'd like to thank Josh and Chuck for putting together this information for their podcast. We encourage everyone to open and view our stunning images while listening to Chuck and Josh's podcast. After the podcast, be sure to review TERC's best practices for tick-bite protection year-round.

Stuff You Should Know on Facebook ||Images to go along with the podcast provided by TickEncounter