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Summary of TickEncounter.org specific sections and how they will help you avoid and prevent future TickEncounters.

  • About

    Read more about our Be TickSmart™ Stay TickSafe! campaign. Learn about our team, TERC's mission, and ongoing research studies performed by the University of Rhode Island Center for Vector-Borne Disease. Find information on how to make a donation.

  • Get TickSmart

    Get TickSmart™! TickEncounter is launching its newest campaign, focusing on providing people at risk for dangerous (or even just yucky) tick encounters with simple, effective strategies - EVERY DAY PRACTICES - for tick-safe living. Our goal is to make tick-bite protection easy so that you'll actually "do it".

  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions. A comprehensive list of tick-related answers to your questions provided by TERC experts. Can't find an answer? Contact us and we'll do our best to assist you.

    Please keep in mind, TickEncounter's mission is to engage, educate and empower people to take TICK BITE PROTECTION ACTIONS to PREVENT tick-borne diseases. We are NOT a medical resource and do not get involved with diagnostic or provider issues, except to provide PREVENTION education to PROVIDERS as well as to the general public.

  • Tick Identification

    Use our regional, interactive chart to determine what kind of tick you have. Learn what stage tick it is (larva, nymph, adult, partially fed, fully fed). Determine whether a certain tick has the potential to transmit disease and it's seasonal activity patterns. Be prepared for your next trip into tick habitat with our Current Tick Activity application.

    Tick Testing : Have you removed a tick and are concerned it may have transmitted disease? We have a list of New England based testing labs you can send your tick too.

  • Prevention

    Tick bites and tick-borne disease are completly preventable if you take the correct preventive actions before a tick encounter! Use our proven strategies to keep yourself, your family, and your pets safe. This includes information on how to keep your yard tick-free and what types of habitat ticks prefer.

  • Blog (Tick Notes)

    Tick Notes are short articles related to ticks from around the region and the world.

  • Become a Partner

    Do you believe in our mission? Do you want to partner with us to take advantage of our resources and knowledge in order to present it to your community, organization, or business in a unified message? If so, then please consider partnering with TERC as a TickEncounter Prevention Partner!

  • Resources

    TERC produces expert-knowledge based applications, videos, and imagery in easy to use resources. Resources include widgets that direct people to specific information on TickEncounter.org, our Hidden in the Leaves documentary, Tick Bite-ology, How-To Videos, Tick Maps and more! Also, be sure to check out our Think T.I.C.K. Take ACTION resource! Tweezers, Inspect, Clothing Repellent, Kill the critters! Do you know how to prevent tick bites and disease? Get Information!

  • News

    All the latest news, interviews, and events from TERC!